Why transporting large flat products is now easier and cheaper thanks to LBK.

In a market where every penny counts, it has never been more important to ensure that you are saving money where ever you can, without making cuts to the quality of your product.

Packaging and transportation are two areas that LBK know a lot about, and we have made it our mission since 1831 to not only bring you the best the market has to offer in terms of transporting your goods across  the World, but we even like to pride ourselves on being market innovators as well.

With client costs in mind, one of our design team took the difficult and risky business of transporting glass and the issue of environmental waste within the glass industry and came up with a brilliant solution to both.

A_FRAME_2Our Corrugated cardboard ‘A’ frame has been constructed in such a way that it will hold components upright during transportation, and is made of heavy duty corrugated board, which has been tested to withstand a load weight of 1640 kilos (820 kilos either side) by the British Test Centre.

Ideal for carrying Double Glazed Units or sheet glass SWL 500 kilos, it is lightweight, coming in on the scales at a mere 12 kilos and are easy to store and transport, weighing a fraction of the wooden frames that are widely used today.

Initially designed and aimed at the glass industry, since we have launched our ‘A’ frame, we have also had enquiries from Museums, Galleries and even advertising companies and Local Government bodies, proving that this product is as versatile as it is practical and cost effective.

The board itself is fully recyclable, making your company’s environmental impact and your Environmental Waste Liability a lot lower than if you were using the wooden frames, which is a massive step towards gaining or keeping industry standard certifications such as ISO 14001.

And with LBK Packaging being the ONLY company to produce this patented product, in order to benefit from its advantages, you will need to call a member of our sales team on 0151 547 5380 and start making savings today.

Our awards and Product Certifications include

  • UKAS
  • AIB
  • BRC
  • CSR