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Reflective Bags

Smartlite Reflective Bags – As part of our ongoing R&D LBK Packaging are delighted to introduce the first retroreflective sacks. Patent Application Registered – Patent application number GB0903508.0 UK Patent Publication Number 2462335 A.

We incorporate retro reflective yarns into the body of the bags whether this be FIBC’s, kerbside recycling sacks, garden waste bags, sandbags or any other type of woven bag. Smartlite Reflective Technology is a very versatile product which allows the tapes to be incorporated in various parts of the bag including the lifting loops for products such as recycling sacks and FIBC’s.

The objective of the Smartlite Retroreflective Bag is to create a visible aid that can be incorporated into the production of the bags that will allow them to be seen in low light conditions.

The reason Smartlite Reflective Technology has been designed is that bags such as FIBC’s, kerbside reycling sacks and gardenwaste bags often end up on roadsides, embankments, footpaths, pavements or even the road. At present there is legislation in place for rigid skips that are placed on the road stating that they must be highly visible. The next progressive step is to offer a cost effective method that would ensure flexible skip bags, FIBC’s and recycling bags are also clearly visible as this could prevent potential claims.

Our bags are visible in low light conditions from over 200 metres away and are ideally suited to low light warehouses and sites that operate 24 hours a day.





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