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No Blow Bags

LBK Packaging – The original innovator of the weighted “No Blow” bag. The weighted No Blow bag was added to our already extensive range of kerbside recycling bags over 10 years ago for the collection of greenwaste, paper, plastics and card. It has a rubber weighted base that will help to prevent the bag from being blown away once it has been emptied and is extremely popular with local authorities and the recycling community.

Thanks to the solid, square design of the base it also assists in keeping the bag’s shape, therefore making it much easier for the householder to fill.  The carry handles allow ease of transportation of the bag once it has been filled.  The bag can be washed if required without causing any damage whatsoever.

Feedback from local Authorities has shown the weighted base bag is exceeding expectations with the replacement ratio for the bag dropping considerably as they are remaining in place until the emptied sack is retrieved by the householder.
The weighted base bag can be manufactured to any given size in a full range of colours, as with the standard recycling sacks it is possible to manufacture bespoke bags with additional extras which include:

* Full flap closure
* Printing upto 4 colours
* Coloured fabric to differentiate between recyclables
* Additional handles
* Bespoke sizes available
* Reflective handles or body

Please call our experienced sales team on 0151 547 5380, email: or complete our online enquiry to discuss the exact size or specification you have in mind and we will be pleased to assist and supply samples.