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Looplifter ®

Looplifter ® is a compact collapsible devise fitted to the bag during manufacture. Looplifter® offers the following real benefits.

Safety Looplifter® allows the fork-lift truck driver to remain in the seat throughout the handling process and removes the requirement for any external assistance thus completely eliminating the Health & Safety issues concerning personnel working around fork-lifts.


Handling Speed Due to its innovative sprung cross member design, Looplifter® ensures that FIBC loops are always held open allowing quick and accurate lifting and stacking. Looplifter® enables users to reduce FIBC handling time by up to 50%, maximising operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Stacking Looplifter’s® flexible and collapsible design allows FIBCs to sit together more securely in a stack than if pallets were used, thus higher,  safer stacks can be built.By removing all manual intervention from the handling process, Looplifter® enables you to safely stack FIBCs up   to six high without using  bag frames or racking systems, thus maximising utilisation of available warehouse space.

Cost Saving By increasing fork-lift output, allowing more efficient use of warehouse space, Looplifter® enables users to significantly reduce FIBC handling and storage costs whilst enhancing workplace safety.

Pallets Looplifter® does away with the need for pallets in many FIBC systems, as Looplifter® removes the need for manual assistance when unloading lorries or stacks.

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