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Cardboard “A” Frame

The Corrugated Cardboard “A” Frame LBK’s “A” Frame was designed inhouse by one of our design team and is specifically aimed at the glass industry where a wooden version is currently used. The Corrugated Cardboard “A” Frame is made completely from heavy duty corrugated board able to withstand considerable weight.

The A Frame has been constructed in such a way that it will hold components in an upright position during transportation. It was tested at the British Test Centre and achieved a load weight of 1640 kilos (820 kilos either side). It is designed to hold a maximum of 500 kilos (250 kilos either side) and has a 3:1 ratio.

Please click here to view the Cardboard A Frame in use. 

The board can be fully recycled and so has less of an impact on the environment. Its Enviromental waste liability costs are less than the wooden version currently used as the smaller “A” Frame (1400mm x 900mm x 1250mm) weighs only 12 kilos and the larger 2.1 mtr frame weighs approximately 16 kilos. (Patent Publication: GB2454529)

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