Our product range consists of FIBCs (Bulk Bags), Woven Polypropylene Sacks, Polythene Products, Paper Sacks, Paper Sheets and Reels, Stretchfilm and Tapes, as well as a full range of Kerbside Gardenwaste and Recycling Bags used widely throughout the UK for the collection of paper, plastics, glass and gardenwaste.

Animal feed, Health and Pharmaceutical, Glass, Food, General Chemicals, General Retail, Mail Order, Refractory Cements, Refuse Collection, Builders Merchants and Engineering parts. Just a few of the market sectors in which our experience has benefited a growing number of satisfied customers around the globe.

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Bulk BagFIBCs (Bulk Bags)

LBK Packaging supply FIBC’s also known as Bulk Bags, Tote Bags or Tonne Bags for the packing of various products whether it be a standard builders type bag for aggregates, 2 loop or single loop for seed or the more complex bag for food, chemicals or pharmaceutical products we can offer… More

Plastic Pallet IBCRigid IBCs (Industrial Bulk Containers)

Widely used for the transportation of hazardous and non hazardous bulk liquids and granulate substances LBK can supply a full range of UN and Non UN IBCs from stock within a few days…


Cardboard “A” Frame

The Corrugated Cardboard “A” Frame LBK’s “A” Frame was designed inhouse by one of our design team and is specifically aimed at the glass industry where a wooden version is currently used. The Corrugated Cardboard “A” Frame is made completely from heavy duty corrugated board able to withstand considerable… More

Reflective Bulk bagSmartlite Reflective Bags

Smartlite Reflective Bags – As part of our ongoing R&D LBK Packaging are delighted to introduce the first retroreflective sacks. Patent Application Registered – Patent application number GB0903508.0 UK Patent Publication Number 2462335 A We incorporate retro reflective yarns into the body of the… More

Recycling BagsRecycling Bags

Recycling Bags for Gardenwaste, Newspaper, Plastic, Cardboard and Glass LBK Packaging first started supplying Kerbside Recycling bags approximately 6 years ago specifically aimed at Local Authorities for the collection of newsprint and gardenwaste. Many of the original bags are still in use today having… More

No Blow Bags

LBK Packaging – The original innovator of the weighted “No Blow” bag.   The weighted No Blow bag was added to our already extensive range of kerbside recycling bags over 6 years ago for the collection of greenwaste, paper, plastics and card. It has a rubber weighted base that will help to… More

Boxes and Cartons

LBK Packaging have been providing boxes and cartons throughout the UK for the past 2 years. We supply a varied range of boxes from single wall die cut cartons to heavy duty double wall pallet containers for the export industry. Our diverse stock range allows us to target a multitude of industries… More


With all of us now recycling more than we ever have done in the past the Recycling Industry is a rapidly increasing market. LBK now supply a range of products to assist in the collection of green gardenwaste, paper, plastics, glass, cans, batteries and cardboard.   Recycling Bags  Our… More

Woven PP Sacks

LBK Packaging supply a comprehensive range of woven polypropylene sacks which are traditionally used in engineering, animal feed, chemicals, seafoods and recycling. With a large range of sizes from 23 x 31cm to 79 x 160cm available from stock we are most certain to have the size of woven sack you… More

Polythene Products

We supply a complete range of Polythene Products including Sacks and Bags, Shrink Covers, Polythene Films and stretchfilm used for the packaging of many types of products including aggregates, animal feed, human foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agriculture to name just a few. Although we do… More

Paper Sacks

Our paper sacks are used throughout the UK, Europe and the world for packing 5 to 25 kilos of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, minerals, food additives plus many more applications and are seen as an environmentally friendly alternative to other packaging products.   We supply a complete… More

looplifter fibcsLooplifter ®

Looplifter ® is a compact collapsible devise fitted to the bag during manufacture. Looplifter® offers the following real benefits. SafetyLooplifter® allows the fork-lift truck driver to remain in the seat throughout the handling process and removes the requirement for any external assistance… More

Paper Sheeting and Reels

We offer full in house sheeting, guillotining and slitting facilities converting from parent reel and sheet stocks to customers specific needs. Items include: – Kraft Wrapping Paper- Pure Kraft & Imitation Kraft- Waterproof Paper, Waxed Papers and Greaseproofs- Polythene Coated Kraft and Kraft… More

Boxes, Tape, Bubblewrap and StretchfilmAncillary Items

In order to complement our vast range of packaging products we also offer from stock the following items:   – Stretchwrap: available either with flush cut or extended cores packed 6 rolls per box – Bubble Wrap available in packs of  1 x 1500mm x 100m, 2 x 750mm x 100m, 3 x 500mm… More